Protecting Engines and Equipment Since 1999

Oil filter design has changed very little since manufacturers first installed them on cars and trucks and has not kept pace with the demanding oil lubrication requirements of modern machinery.

FilterMag recognized the need for cleaner oil and introduced its first product in 1999. Today, FilterMag’s has comprehensive array of even more powerful and effective products proven to provide cleaner oil, extend engine life, and protect your investment.

In 2009 FilterMag recognized the needs of heavy industry that relies on oil and hydraulic fluid lubrication to protect their expensive production equipment. FilterMag has proven itself in the mining and aggregate industry, prolonging service life of haul trucks, crushers, hydraulic pumps, loaders, compressors, and shovels. You’ll also find FilterMags on offshore drill rigs and in petroleum and natural gas manufacturing. These industries rely on FilterMag to not only extend equipment service life and lower maintenance costs, but also to significantly reduce expensive equipment downtime.

In 2013 FilterMag introduced the XT product line for large industrial canister filtration systems. There are five XT models that to fit canisters from four to eight inches in diameter. They are so powerful that once installed, they cannot be removed.

In 2014 FilterMag introduced the LT product line, designed for light industrial equipment: gas and diesel engines in over the road trucks, solid waste diesel and NG engines, hydraulic systems, rotating equipment, and diesel fuel filtration.

The science behind why FilterMag and AeroMag works is complex, but the solution the technology provides is simple. The experimental aircraft owner can have the peace of mind that his engine has the extra protection that AeroMag can provide—the same protection that industry relies on.