How does AerorMag work?

Within the tight clearances of aircraft engines, normal wear generates tiny steel particles that are carried away in your oil. These particles are so small they pass right through any standard oil filter. When the oil circulates back into the engine these same particles are carried into every lubricated space. This particle-laden oil will continue to lubricate but it will also cause an exponential increase in wear while it circulates. The longer you use the oil, the greater the wear. FilterMag extracts normal, wear causing, steel particles from your oil with its powerful, focused, magnetic field technology.

These particles are permanently trapped on the inside wall of the filter and are thrown away when you change the filter. Slide the FilterMag off the old filter; snap it onto a new one and it goes right back to work protecting your vehicle.

What is the difference between Maximum Protection and Powerful Protection?

Maximum Protection is a pair of AeroMags. Two AeroMags exposes more of your engine oil flowing through the filter to AeroMags’s powerful focused magnetic field. This provides twice the opportunity for the AeroMags to capture wear-causing particles in your oil.

A single AeroMag gives your engine Powerful Protection to remove wear-causing particles at a lower cost.

How do I select the right size AeroMag?

  1. Measure the diameter of your filter, or
  2. Search for your filter’s diameter at the filter manufacturer’s website.


AeroMags come in two sizes range: AM365 (Large) and AM300 (Medium).
No matter what the size, pairs cost the same, and singles cost the same.

How can particles too small to see hurt anything?

The vast majority of normal engine wear comes from particles of 2-20 microns in size. Steel particles do the most damage when they get trapped between two moving parts. Most of the clearances in a modern engine are between 2 and 20 microns. Most oil filters are only rated to capture particles down to about 20 microns. (A very sharp eye can at best see 40 micron particles.)

I have a problem with my order.

If your AeroMag doesn’t fit, or there are other issues with your order, contact us. We’ll make it right.

Will AeroMag’s magnetic field affect instruments?

Properly installed AeroMags will not affect instruments. As with any new equipment, be sure to check your compass. Do not transport AeroMags inside and aircraft.

Why can’t I just stick an ordinary magnet to the outside of my oil filter?

While AeroMag is a simple-to-use solution, it is derived from complex science and advanced engineering. Placing magnets on the outside (or inside) of your filter won’t have nearly the same effect. Every AeroMag is a three component system of which magnets are a key component. The size, shape and surfaces of our magnets are computer designed to focus a magnetic field at the proper depth inside your filter. Our patented FluxCon shielding further focuses the magnetic flux into the filter while shielding the engine compartment from ANY magnetism to protect your vehicle electronics. To see more about the anatomy of a FilterMag you can click HERE.

Will a FilterMag lose its magnetic energy at 178°F? My oil runs at that temp all the time.

No. We use expensive, temperature compensated magnets rated to 300ºF—well within any normal operating temperature of any engine or drivetrain component. Most ordinary magnets however do start losing magnetism around 178 ºF.

Aircraft oil filters are expensive. premium filters. Why bother with AeroMag?

The best premium filter is limited to filtering particles larger than 20-25 microns in size. For an oil filter element to capture smaller particles would require a huge increase in overall size to accommodate the restriction to oil flow that would otherwise occur. Normal wear in your engine and drivetrain is driven by particles that are smaller than 20 microns. Eliminate those particles; wear drops dramatically and reliability goes up. FilterMag significantly limits NORMAL wear and tear on your engine and any other protected lubrication systems.

I have been told that only about 25% of the particles in engine oil are ferrous. The remainder are alloys, copper, brass or aluminum which are non ferrous. FilterMag wouldn’t attract those particles.

The percentage of particles that are ferrous varies widely by type of equipment, operating conditions, maintenance state and age but generally speaking the majority of particles found in engine oil are steel. When FilterMags are installed and used oil analysis is performed by independent laboratories, particle counts routinely drop by 50-82%.Studies show that this equates to a 30-60% increase in lubricated component life.

What is your warranty and return policy?

We warrant AeroMag consumer products to be free from manufacturing defects for a period of one year from the date of purchase. If you need to return a FilterMag for any reason please contact us in advance for a Return Authorization number. We want you to be happy with your purchase. If you have any problems just let us know so we can help. To see our full warranty please click HERE.